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Welcome to

Sustainable Fashion Forum

We are here to promote sustainable fashion in Israel,

To create change

And to help others

The Sustainable Fashion Forum

Was founded in September 2016.

We work to raise local  awareness about fashion, sustainability, design and consumer issues among professionals,  decision-makers and the general public.


Over 15 different meetings for the forum community with expert lectures  on: Fair Trade, Body Image, Sustainable Supply Chain, Corporate Responsibility and  more

Lead the Fashion Revolution Day 2019, in the public event - “Women  professionals in the local fashion industry”.


Our Facebook group contains a community of more than 3,000 people with dozens of  daily posts and discussions on the topic. 


Our forum members include activists, environmentalists, academics, designers,  consultants and others who are interested in the subject.


Dozens of collaborations and public lectures on behalf of local authorities, academic  institutions, local municipalities, the Israel Textile Association and the Fashion  Revolution international. 


Promotion of local sustainable designers by cooperating with 2BFriendly, an NGO  specialized on Impact Assessment, and rating and screening systems  for small/medium businesses, in collaboration with expert partner organizations.

Local municipalities

- A festive opening at the Tel Aviv Municipality's month of Sustainability in April 2018.  Screening of the True Cost movie in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and other  Locations around Israel, including in disadvantaged communities, followed by a  discussion on the subject. 

- As part of Women for climate we are creating an ongoing project, advised by Tel Aviv  municipality. The Fashion Library, our current flagship project, will allow us to  communicate and educate, mostly teenagers, about sustainable fashion  possibilities.  This will enable students to exchange clothes continually and renew their wardrobe  while feeling connected to trends.


The Forum members have been interviewed about sustainable  fashion on TV shows, podcasts and magazines.

Why do we need the forum?

The Fashion industry is one of the highest polluters in the world. It consumes  excessive amounts of natural resources, for example, fuel for  transport, it uses harmful chemicals and produces massive quantities of waste.  Furthermore, the industry is known to violate human rights in developing countries. 


Shopping has become a habit rooted in our culture that has nothing to do with wearing clothes.  As a result, today we have four times more clothing than only 30 years ago. After short  usage, of our once favorite items, it becomes textile waste. The forum’s goal is to raise  awareness of those issues and to stimulate a change in the industry.

Want to take part in the change?

Want to volunteer, donate or help community members? 


Have an idea of how to make a change? 


Want to cooperate with us or do you have interesting content?

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Who are we

women 4 climate_edited.png

Illana Leizin


Environmentalist, activist and designer, with an MA in Sustainable  Fashion, with research on upcycling in Israel.

She is a partner in international  sustainable fashion projects, including Women for Climate and the Copenhagen Fashion  Summit.


Noa Sharon 


Scientist, designer and entrepreneur. M.Sc. in Biotechnology (Summa Cum Laude). 

Sharing economy expert and goldsmith creator for her own jewelry brand.  Challenges ninja that strives for the perfect solution.


Amos Shtibelman

Strategy and Resources

Business-to-business consultant for technology-oriented companies.


Loves technology and  believes he can make the world a better place. MA in Natural Resources and Environmental


Atnyel Guedj

Professional Consultant

Expert in establishing and managing sustainable supply chains in the fashion industry.

With  extensive experience in international industry and established a sustainable fashion brand  management.

Holds a bachelor's and an MA in Fashion Management

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